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Jim DuFresne, Greg Benchwick, Catherine Bodry
Lonely Planet | 04/2009
Alaska serves it up big volcanoes, glaciers, caribou, bald eagles and the tallest mountain in the USA. Get a taste of its grand scale as you kayak through a sea of icebergs and seals or hold your breath as a 40ton humpback whale erupts from the...
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David Cleary, Dilwyn Jenkins, Oliver Marshall
Rough Guides | 11/2006
Brazil sets hearts beating. As large as the USA without Alaska, as far from Boa Vista to Rio Grande as from New York to LA with the Amazon rain forest in between, this is one exceptionally big, and extreme, country. Its also now firmly on the tourism...
cena: 32.07 € (966.14 Sk)
Marisa Gierlich
Lonely Planet | 05/2002
Bike the best of the West Coast. Cruise Californias worldclass vineyards and hip cities, discover Washingtons spectacular North Cascades and explore Oregons wild Columbia River Gorge. Choose from 42 rides, ranging from leisurely day trips and...
cena: 20.48 € (616.98 Sk)
Andrea Schulte-Peevers, Catherine Le Nevez, Daniel Robinson
Lonely Planet | 03/2010
Nobody knows Germany like Lonely Planet. From Alpine villages to Berlins clubs, Moselle Valley vineyards to Heidelbergs historic buildings and beer quaffing to sausage savouring, this 6th edition gives you all the information you need to enjoy the...
cena: 25.12 € (756.77 Sk)
Lonely Planet | 08/2000
This guide to the best hikes in the Lower 48 states is a must for the experienced hiker and the firsttimer alike. From coast to coast, across plains and mountain ranges, through unspoiled forests and canyons, this book leads the way. detaile...
cena: 22.02 € (663.37 Sk)
Andrew Benson, Melissa Grahamová
JOTA | 08/2007
Chile tvoří dlouhý úzký pás země přilepený k samému okraji jihoamerického kontinentu. Když se na ni podíváte do zeměpisného atlasu, na první pohled vás zaujme svým zcela výstředním až fantaskním tvarem. Je to rozvinutá, relativně prosperující země, jež...
cena: 33.97 € (1023.38 Sk)
Sarina Singh, Amy Karafin, Paul Harding
Lonely Planet | 09/2009
India doesnt even have to try: it will bowl you out with its headreeling mix of cultures, its fastswelling cities, its stillvisible history and its thousands of different landscapes. Get on a train the quintessential Indian experience and...
cena: 29.76 € (896.55 Sk)
Amelia Thomas, Miriam Raphael, Michael Kohn
Lonely Planet | 03/2010
Lonely Planet knows the magic of Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Wevewalked the lively alleyways in Nazareth and Jerusalem, explored biblical ruins,slept under the starry Negev skies and floated weightless in the Dead Sea. Takeyour own...
cena: 23.18 € (698.32 Sk)
Adam Vaitilingam, Polly Thomas
Rough Guides | 11/2006
Bill Wedenoja reader, Springfield, MO, USA: Everything you need to know. I have been to Jamaica many times since 1972, doing research as an anthropologist. I picked up this book shortly before my most recent trip...It is an extremely informative and...
cena: 26.05 € (784.78 Sk)
Jan Boněk
EMINENT | 07/2010
The town that vanished more than 100 years ago and yet used to be one of the most prestigious and oldest centers of the Jews in Europe. According to legend, this is where the Israelites came after their legendary temple of Jerusalem was destroyed, and...
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