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Damian Harper, Thomas Huhti, Andrew Stone
Lonely Planet | 05/2009
China is changing at the speed of light and now, in this cusp between centuries of tradition and almost timelapse development, is the time to see it. Sip cocktails in the sleek bars of Shanghai, trek Tibets holy Mt Kailash or explore water...
cena: 29.76 € (896.55 Sk)
Bradley Mayhew, Robert Kelly
Lonely Planet | 02/2008
Let the wafting incense guide you to Lhasas Jokhang Temple, gaze at clear views of Everests north face framed in the windows of the worlds highest monastery, slurp the rich, salty goodness of yakbutter tea... Tibet will set your senses reeling....
cena: 25.12 € (756.77 Sk)
Joe Bindloss, Bradley Mayhew
Lonely Planet | 08/2009
Thrill to the high passes, breathtaking landscapes and exhilarations of trekking in Nepal. Whether you want to make a tilt at Everest Base Camp, reach remote Tibetan villages or circuit sacred lakes, this guide will get you to the roof of the...
cena: 22.02 € (663.37 Sk)