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Chris Rowthorn, China Williams, Muhammad Cohen
Lonely Planet | 06/2008
Darwin described the island of Borneo as one great wild untidy luxuriant hothouse made by nature for herself, and its still a cornucopia of biodiversity for now. Sample worldclass diving, meandering boat rides, indigenous hospitality, sightings...
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Svojtka | 09/2010
cena: 13.51 € (407.00 Sk)
Rough Guides | 09/2009
The Rough Guide to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei is the ultimate travel guide to these three exciting Southeast Asian destinations. Discover this dynamic region from the turquoise beaches of Thailand, spectacular Gunung Mulu National Park, Mount...
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Simon Richmond, Celeste Brash, Adam Karlin
Lonely Planet | 01/2010
Lonely Planet has been the guidebook of choice for Malaysia, Singapore amp Brunei for 28 years. We know where to find the most authentic longhouses in Sarawak, the most idyllic beaches in Langkawi, the best places for a shopping spree in Singapore...
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China Williams, Greg Bloom, Ryan Ver Berkmoes
Lonely Planet | 03/2010
For 35 years Lonely Planets Southeast Asia on a Shoestring has been the backpackers bible. Discover Cambodias ancient temples, Thailands island paradises and the best pho in Vietnam. We help you stay longer and spend less.This...
cena: 25.12 € (756.77 Sk)