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Adam Vaitilingam
Rough Guides | 04/2007
Slim, stylish and pocketable, Rough Guide DIRECTIONS Antigua Barbuda is packed with ideas for making the most of your trip to this scenic and lively island. Fullcolour throughout, the guide highlights all the diverse attractions and activities, from...
cena: 14.02 € (422.37 Sk)
Natalie Folster
Rough Guides | 04/2007
The Rough Guide to The Bahamas is your definitive handbook to these beautiful islands. From the finest scuba and snorkelling spots on Paradise Island to the bustling cities of Nassau and Freeport, the fullcolour section introduces all of the regions...
cena: 30.07 € (905.89 Sk)
Jill Kirby
Lonely Planet | 10/2005
Discover the treasures of these storied islands, where Columbus first landed and pirates once plundered. Sail glowing turquoise seas, kayak through mangroves, swim with docile stingrays or take a romantic stroll along a pinksand beach. Our inspiring...
cena: 22.02 € (663.37 Sk)
Adam Vaitilingam
Rough Guides | 04/2007
Rough Guide DIRECTIONS Barbados fits neatly in your pocket and is packed with ideas for making the most of your trip to this to this dazzling island. Fullcolour throughout, the guide highlights the best the island have to offer from the eerie rock...
cena: 14.02 € (422.37 Sk)
Peter Eltringham
Rough Guides | 09/2007
The Rough Guide to Belize is the most comprehensive guide available. From snorkeling the inky depths of the coralencrusted Great Blue Hole to hiking in the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Reserve, the inspiring fullcolour section introduces all of the regions...
cena: 24.05 € (724.53 Sk)
eplanetScale: 1 : 400.000
Freytag & Berndt | 2007
Automapa v měřítku 1 : 400 000 1 cm 4 kilometry zobrazuje kompletní síť silnic s dopravními vzdálenostmi, dále všechna sídla a vybraný tematický obsah chráněná území, přírodní zajímavosti, archeologická naleziště apod.. Součástí mapového podkladu...
cena: 8.01 € (241.31 Sk)
Mara Vorhees, Joshua Samuel Brown
Lonely Planet | 10/2008
Summertime, and the livin is Belizey. Fish are jumpin and therere coral reefs to dive. Oh, the cultures rich and the wildlifes goodlooking so hush, dear traveller, dont you cry. Grab a copy of our Belize guide and youll soon be singing...
cena: 17.77 € (535.34 Sk)
Ned Friary, Glenda Bendure
Lonely Planet | 06/2005
Sip a rum swizzle while lolling on a pinksand beach, amble down the cobblestones of the historic Town of St George, explore parish backroads by motor scooter bitesize Bermuda will seduce you with its tranquil, subtropical charm. Whether you want to...
cena: 16.22 € (488.64 Sk)
Ryan Ver Berkmoes, Paul Clammer, Amy Balfour
Lonely Planet | 10/2008
Sun, surf, rum, reggae...yes, the Caribbean clichés are all true and who are we to argue? We like a beachside mojito as much as the next traveller. But theres so much more to these 7000plus islands: just check out this guide. Volcanoes and...
cena: 23.18 € (698.32 Sk)
eplanetScale: 1 : 2.500.000
Nelles Verlag | 2007
Mapy Nelles Verlag sú obľúbené medzi cestovateľmi po celom svete. Pre mapy je typické zobrazenie v štýle zoomin, čo znamená, že z celkovej prehľadnej mapy oblasti sa v niekoľkých stupňoch podrobnosti dostanente až na úroveň mestských plánov alebo...
cena: 9.26 € (278.97 Sk)