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Damian Harper
Lonely Planet | 10/2007
Are you ready to get your socks knocked off? Chinas southwest is studded with jawdroppers: newborn pandas in Chengdu, the worlds largest Buddha statue in Leshan, the hypnotic ripples of the Dragons Backbone Rice Terraces and futuristic hotels...
cena: 23.18 € (698.32 Sk)
Damian Harper, Thomas Huhti, Andrew Stone
Lonely Planet | 05/2009
China is changing at the speed of light and now, in this cusp between centuries of tradition and almost timelapse development, is the time to see it. Sip cocktails in the sleek bars of Shanghai, trek Tibets holy Mt Kailash or explore water...
cena: 29.76 € (896.55 Sk)