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Danny Palmerlee
Lonely Planet | 08/2007
The mere mention of sunsoaked Baja makes your muscles turn to toffee. Kayak off the coast of La Paz, snorkel through coral, whale watch, bird spot, beachcomb chill out. Crack open a caguama thats Baja for beer and get a front row seat for the...
cena: 20.48 € (616.98 Sk)
RO-TO-M | 06/2004
Série kapesních průvodců BERLITZ, která si získala velký věhlas, obsahuje obrovské množství informací. Sestavení průvodce bylo svěřeno odborníkům na danou oblast. Velmi snadno se používají a výborně se čtou. S pomocí tohto průvodce budete moci...
cena: 5.62 € (169.31 Sk)
Rough Guides | 05/2005
The new DIRECTIONS series of compact travel guides from Rough Guides offers an original alternative for visitors on a short break or travellers who want quick information with attitude. Cancún Cozumel DIRECTIONS has all you need to get the most out...
cena: 14.02 € (422.37 Sk)
Greg Benchwick
Lonely Planet | 09/2008
One Yucatán expert, 50 days of ontheground research and more than 200 Montejo beers consumed. Marvel at the serpent made of light and shadow that ascends a pyramid at Chichén Itzá, plunge into the cool, clear cenotes of Cuzamá after a dusty ride by...
cena: 20.48 € (616.98 Sk)
Robert Reid, Carolyn McCarthy, Andy Symington
Lonely Planet | 11/2007
Central America is a slinky, sevencountry combo that really knows how to pack a punch. Its a thrill ride from end to end, zipping across Mayan history, ancient ruins, wildlife and gurgling volcanoes. Discover the regions best beaches, jungles,...
cena: 23.18 € (698.32 Sk)
George S. Lewbel, Larry R. Martin
Lonely Planet | 09/2006
Cozumel is home to crystalline waters and colourful reefs, and boasts some of the best diving in the world. From Palancar Reef to the botanical wonderland of Tormentos, this book offers inspiration and advice to divers and snorkelers of all levels....
cena: 22.02 € (663.37 Sk)
Walt Peterson
Lonely Planet | 01/1999
cena: 16.22 € (488.64 Sk)
Paul Whitfield, John Fisher, Daniel Jacobs
Rough Guides | 07/2007
The Rough Guide to Mexico is the essential guide to the country. Features include: Fullcolor section introducing Mexicos highlights. Detailed accounts of all the sights, from the pyramids at Teotihuacán, to the magnificent beaches of Acapu...
cena: 32.07 € (966.14 Sk)
Daniel Schechter, Josephine Quintero
Lonely Planet | 09/2008
Cities dont come much bigger than this. And no other city on earth can hit you with this particular brew of sun pyramids, wrestling bouts, organ grinders and Aztec dancers in snakeskin loincloths......
cena: 16.22 € (488.64 Sk)
eplanetScale: 1 : 2.500.000
Nelles Verlag | 2006
Mapy Nelles Verlag sú obľúbené medzi cestovateľmi po celom svete. Pre mapy je typické zobrazenie v štýle zoomin, čo znamená, že z celkovej prehľadnej mapy oblasti sa v niekoľkých stupňoch podrobnosti dostanente až na úroveň mestských plánov alebo...
cena: 9.26 € (278.97 Sk)