Honduras Cestopisy, Mapy a Sprievodcovia

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David Behrens, Cam O'Brien
Lonely Planet | 03/2002
Once a haven for pirates, 67 sleepy islands and cays off the Honduras mainland are now a budding ecotourism destination. The clear, warm waters are home to every fish species found in the Caribbean, as well as most hard corals, gorgonians and sponges....
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Greg Benchwick
Lonely Planet | 01/2010
Whether you want to dive into the deep blue off the coast of the Bay Islands, explore the forests and cobblestoned coffee towns of La Ruta Lenca or tramp around the ancient Mayan temples of Copán, this 2nd edition gives you all you need to enjoy the...
cena: 23.18 € (698.32 Sk)
Rough Guides | 11/2001
The Rough Guide to the Maya World gives you a tour of the remnants of the Mayan culture. Coverage of the Yucatan and Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and parts of El Salvador and Honduras the only guide to cover this area with such focus....
cena: 26.05 € (784.78 Sk)
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Svojtka & Co. | 10/2003
Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Salvador, Nikaragua, Kostarika, Panama. Průvodce z řady Lonely Planet bude vaším spolehlivým pomocníkem. Najdete zde: 110 podrobných map včetně hlavních mayských památek,j azykové kurzy, nejle...
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