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Peter Eltringham
Rough Guides | 09/2007
The Rough Guide to Belize is the most comprehensive guide available. From snorkeling the inky depths of the coralencrusted Great Blue Hole to hiking in the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Reserve, the inspiring fullcolour section introduces all of the regions...
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Mara Vorhees, Joshua Samuel Brown
Lonely Planet | 10/2008
Summertime, and the livin is Belizey. Fish are jumpin and therere coral reefs to dive. Oh, the cultures rich and the wildlifes goodlooking so hush, dear traveller, dont you cry. Grab a copy of our Belize guide and youll soon be singing...
cena: 17.77 € (535.34 Sk)
Rough Guides | 10/2004
The Rough Guide to Central America is the essential handbook to these seven countries. Features include: Fullcolor section introducing Central Americas highlights. Vivid accounts of every destination, from capital cities and in...
cena: 32.07 € (966.14 Sk)
Rough Guides | 11/2001
The Rough Guide to the Maya World gives you a tour of the remnants of the Mayan culture. Coverage of the Yucatan and Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and parts of El Salvador and Honduras the only guide to cover this area with such focus....
cena: 26.05 € (784.78 Sk)
David Andrew, Luke Hunter
Lonely Planet | 09/2002
From toucans to tapirs and jaguars to jacamars, this innovative allinone guide will help you to find and identify Central Americas amazing wildlife. covers the wildlife of Belize, Costa Rica and Panama the only wildlife travel guide to t...
cena: 20.48 € (616.98 Sk)