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Harry Ades, Melissa Graham
Rough Guides | 01/2007
Carmel B. McConnell reader, London, UK: We have just returned from a month in Ecuador and found the Rough Guide invaluable. Each chapter is clearly laid out and gives an accurate summary of regional highlights. It definitely made our trip planning...
cena: 30.07 € (905.89 Sk)
Aimee Dowl
Lonely Planet | 08/2009
Welcome to Ecuador, where getting high never felt so good! Were talking altitude: magnificent mountains and vertiginous volcanoes. Scared of heights? A rich indigenous culture, lush jungle and the Galápagos Islands will delight you....
cena: 23.18 € (698.32 Sk)
David Andrew
Lonely Planet | 11/2005
Ever dream youd trip over a tortoise or blunder into a booby? This innovative guide will help you to identify and understand the Galapagos Islands uniquely tame wildlife. The perfect companion for the traveller and ecotourist alike. Bangk...
cena: 22.02 € (663.37 Sk)