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Casey & Astrid Witte Mahaney
Lonely Planet | 10/2000
cena: 16.22 € (488.64 Sk)
Tim Rock
Lonely Planet | 05/2000
Hardcoral jewels in the heart of Micronesia, Chuuk Lagoon, Pohnpei and Kosrae offer unrivalled variety. Dive into history while exploring artifactladen Japanese shipwrecks in Chuuk formerly Truk Lagoon. Hike in Pohnpeis lush rainforests and dive...
cena: 16.22 € (488.64 Sk)
Tim Rock, Francis Toribiong
Lonely Planet | 09/2000
The Palau archipelago in Micronesia boasts a huge barrier reef that protects the mushroomshaped limestone Rock Islands, offering tranquil diving and snorkeling in the lagoons warm waters. Dramatic dropoffs at the famed Ngemelis Wall and Blue Corner...
cena: 16.22 € (488.64 Sk)
Bob Halstead, Tim Rock
Lonely Planet | 07/1999
Smoking volcanoes, lush lowlands and over 600 islands rimmed with coral reefs support a marine biodiversity in Papua New Guinea PNG that is unequaled anywhere else in the world. The warm Solomon and Coral seas offer shallow snorkeling on fringing or...
cena: 17.77 € (535.34 Sk)
Jean-Bernard Carillet, Tony Wheeler
Lonely Planet | 01/2001
Tahiti, Morea, Bora Bora names that evoke warm South Pacific fantasies. French Polynesia boasts legendary topside beauty and a variety of diving adventures. Join a shark feed, swim with manta rays or snorkel alongside humpback whales. Pelagic...
cena: 16.22 € (488.64 Sk)
Dean Starnes, George Dunford, Nana Luckham
Lonely Planet | 05/2009
For the ultimate in lazyday getaways, head to the islands of Fiji, where your most strenuous decision is which palm tree to sleep under. You can amp it up with a dive through the incredible reefs or a nature walk but really, who are we kidding?...
cena: 22.02 € (663.37 Sk)
Rowan McKinnon, Jean-Bernard Carillet, Dean Starnes
Lonely Planet | 05/2008
Drift through a hidden submarine valley teeming with fish and manta rays, sway to the rhythm of kundu drums at the spectacular Goroka Show, walk barefoot into a towering spirit house along the Sepik River for travel less ordinary, this is the...
cena: 23.18 € (698.32 Sk)
Oliver Berry
Lonely Planet | 06/2006
From bustling Rarotonga and beautiful Atiu to farflung Pukapuka, let Lonely Planet help you find your own place in the sun. Be spoilt for choice includes coverage of all 15 islands Dont get lost unless you want to : 34...
cena: 19.31 € (581.73 Sk)
Peter Dragicevich, Craig McLachlan
Lonely Planet | 11/2009
Any trip to tropical Samoa and Tonga will be a delight, but with a Lonely Planet guide tucked into your bag youll be a jump ahead of the rest. Know immediately where to find Apias fanciest dancers, Tutuilas loveliest waterfalls or how to get a...
cena: 19.31 € (581.73 Sk)
eplanetScale: 1 : 13.000.000
Nelles Verlag | 2007
Mapy Nelles Verlag sú obľúbené medzi cestovateľmi po celom svete. Pre mapy je typické zobrazenie v štýle zoomin, čo znamená, že z celkovej prehľadnej mapy oblasti sa v niekoľkých stupňoch podrobnosti dostanente až na úroveň mestských plánov alebo...
cena: 9.26 € (278.97 Sk)