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Chris Rowthorn, Andrew Bender, Wendy Yanagihara
Lonely Planet | 05/2010
Experience the best of the country. This fullcolour guide does the work for you Lonely Planets trademark expertise cuts straight to the mustsee highlights of the country so no matter what your time frame or budget, you wont miss the best bits....
cena: 26.28 € (791.71 Sk)
Richard Ryall, Craig McLachlan
Lonely Planet | 08/2009
Forget Japans neon reputation. Away from the big cities, Japan is a hikers wonderland and this guide has recommended routes for every ability level. See sunrise from atop Fujisan or follow a fabled pilgrim trail well show you the best way to do...
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eplanetScale: 1 : 10.000
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eplanetScale: 1 : 22.500
Nelles Verlag | 2007
Mapy Nelles Verlag sú obľúbené medzi cestovateľmi po celom svete. Pre mapy je typické zobrazenie v štýle zoomin, čo znamená, že z celkovej prehľadnej mapy oblasti sa v niekoľkých stupňoch podrobnosti dostanente až na úroveň mestských plánov alebo...
cena: 9.26 € (278.97 Sk)
Andrew Stone
Lonely Planet | 03/2009
The Hong Kong Encounter guide gives you twice the city in half the time.Hook into the citys highvoltage pace bounce from wet markets to the Happy Valley Racecourse, from yum cha and Taoist temples to sleek skyscraper...
cena: 11.57 € (348.56 Sk)
Rough Guides | 04/2006
This Rough Guide is an excellent introduction to the deep and colorful history and traditions of this important trading port. Lively and critical reviews of all restaurant, hotel and nightlife recommendations. Info on trips to Macau and the...
cena: 24.05 € (724.53 Sk)
Andrew Stone, Chung Wah Chow, Piera Chen
Lonely Planet | 02/2010
Hong Kong is a city to delight in: the food, the shopping, the harbour, the views, the parks, the Peak. Just across the way, Macau is the Vegas of the East, and offers fascinating contrasts with its neon casinos and colonial Portuguese influences....
cena: 22.02 € (663.37 Sk)
Jules Brown, David Leffman
Rough Guides | 03/2007
Whether youre on a flying visit or weeklong break, Rough Guide DIRECTIONS Hong Kong Macau is packed with ideas to help you make the most of your time in this vibrant city. Fullcolour throughout, this guide provides accurate, uptodate information...
cena: 14.02 € (422.37 Sk)
eplanetScale: 1 : 4.000.000
cena: 10.72 € (322.95 Sk)
Simon Lewis, David Leffman
Rough Guides | 04/2008
The Rough Guide to China is the definitive guidebook to one of the worlds most fascinating and rapidly changing travel destinations. The fullcolour introduction gives an inspiring insight into many of Chinas highlights, from the awesome...
cena: 38.09 € (1147.50 Sk)