Dublin DIRECTIONS Sprievodcovia a mapy miest

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Geoff Wallis, Paul Gray
Rough Guides | 05/2008
Make the most of your time with Rough Guide DIRECTIONS Dublin. Slim, stylish and pocketable, this is an uptodate, authoritative and userfriendly companion to Irelands vibrant capital city. Fullcolour and richly illustrated throughout, the...
cena: 14.02 € (422.37 Sk)

Edícia: DIRECTIONS Guides, 2nd Edition 
Jazyk: GB 
Formát: 13×20 cm 
Počet strán: 240 str. / 19 máp 
Dátum vydania: 05/2008 
ISBN: 9781858282855 
EAN: 9781858282855