Buenos Aires Cestopisy, Mapy a Sprievodcovia

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eplanetScale: 1 : 12.500
cena: 8.93 € (269.03 Sk)
Andrew Benson, Rosalba O'Brien
Rough Guides | 05/2008
Make the most of your time with The Rough Guide to Buenos Aires. Flick through the introduction for an overview on where to go and what to see, from cosmopolitan architecture and stunning mansions to long coffee klatches, where you can soak up this...
cena: 26.05 € (784.78 Sk)
Sandra Bao, Anja Mutic
Lonely Planet | 08/2008
Buenos Aires is all about giddy pleasure. Learn tango, watch polo, feast on steak and ice cream, scream your lungs out at the fútbol its a city to lose your mind over....
cena: 19.31 € (581.73 Sk)
Bridget Gleeson
Lonely Planet | 09/2009
The Buenos Aires Encounter guide gives you twice the city in half the time. Tango, steak, futbol and Malbec yes, all these, but also wandering markets and old cobbled streets or just peoplewatching in the sun. Pace your encounter any way...
cena: 11.57 € (348.56 Sk)